What is "Friends of the Oneonta Public Library?"



  • Underwriting special library projects,
  • Promoting library use by the entire local community and surrounding areas,  an
  • Maintaining community awareness of library activities, services, programs, and needs.

Each member of FRIENDS of OPL inherently becomes an ambassador to our entire community. Memberships are a major source of funding for the support we provide. When you join or contribute to FRIENDS, your contribution will directly benefit the needs of the library and will support it in serving local citizens. Each event, media mention, public activity, advocacy effort, and our community involvement adds to the stature of the library in our community. This, in turn, adds to the image of our city and county.

Please join us now! Ask about our ongoing activities. Ask your circulation clerks at OPL how to join us! We look forward to continued service with you!


          Friends of Oneonta Public Library present
Library Director Gail Sheldon
with a check of proceeds
from the recent production of "The Foreigner"