Friends of the Oneonta Public Library


FRIENDS is a group of concerned citizens dedicated to achieving and maintaining community support and involvement in providing for the needs of our library.

What is the mission of FRIENDS?

Our mission is to be library advocates to reach out in an effort to help the library meet the challenges of today and remain vital for its many patrons far into the future.

How does FRIENDS help the library?

Friends of the Oneonta Public Library help our library by:

  • Funding programs, services and building needs that are beyond the scope of the general library budget
  • Underwriting special library projects
  • Promoting the use of the library by the entire community and surrounding areas
  • Keeping the community abreast of the library’s activities and needs

How does FRIENDS raise funds?

Memberships are a major source of funding for Friends of the Oneonta Public Library. When you join or  contribute to FRIENDS, be assured that 100% of your contribution will directly benefit the needs of the Oneonta Public Library.

WHY does FRIENDS need you?

  • Each friend will be an ambassador for the library to our entire community.
  • Each event, media mention, public activity, advocacy effort or community involvement adds to the stature of the library in the community.

Want to become a member? Print out the membership form below and bring it to the main circ desk at the library, or you can mail it to us.

Click Here to download Membership Form


Tara Monk - President

Rynthia McCoy - Vice-President

Becky Arnold - Secretary

Diane Palmer - Treasurer